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Hard drive and emedia shredding: we also shred any memory-enabled device that has sensitive, personal or business information.  We can shred your computer hard drives, copier hard drives, cell phones, smart phones, thumb drives, pagers, credit cards, etc.


If you have a small quantity of paper or computers you can schedule

an appointment Monday thru Saturday to meet your location.

The low-cost alternative to buying your own paper shredder!


Tired  of spending days or weeks using your small home paper shredder that will only handle six to twelve pages at a time? Have you burned up several shredders trying to shred your paper? Can’t keep up with the volume of mail coming in? Check book registers too thick to go through your machine? Are you tired of the dust associated with shredding your own paper? Do you need to shred CD’s, DVD’s floppies or other hard items that won’t go through your shredder? Are you looking for a  low-cost fast alternative to doing it yourself? It takes us about 5 to 10 minutes to shred up to 100 pounds of paper (3 to 4 average letter size file storage boxes, (10“ x 12” x 15”).

We charge by the box for paper shredding, based on volume discounts, the more you have at one time, the less it is per box. We accept one box to 100’s. An average letter size file storage box 10” x 12” x 15” weighs about 25 pounds. The containers should weigh less than 40 pounds per container, so one person can lift them easily (and to save your back too). Surcharges apply to over weight containers. Please remove all, 3 ring binders, hanging file folders with steel hangers, rubber bands, zip lock bags or other non paper items, small paper clips, binder clips and staples are acceptable.

All paper is recycled. Save our landfills.


Do you have too many boxes to carry? If you have 4 boxes or more of paper or multiple computers or electronics, call ShredStation Express at 703-347-4638 for a personal appointment at your convenience, at your location and our bonded and insured personnel will securely pick them up from your location and transport them to our facility for shredding/recycling.

Pick-up hours that the van service or can be sent to your location is by appointment only: Monday thru Saturday. 

We are based out of Alexandria, VA 22312


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