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Facts and Statistics About Identity Theft

  • Identity theft cost U.S. businesses and consumers $45 billion in 2007.

  • Over 8 million Americans reported being victimized last year.

  • ID theft has become America‚Äôs #1 white-collar crime.

  • Identity theft can be punishable with up to thirty years in federal prison.

  • The average fraud amount is $6,278 per victim, with an out-of-pocket expense of over $400 to consumers, and takes an average of 25 hours to resolve.

  • The top states for victims per capita are: New York, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.

  • Over half of identity theft victims had their current credit cards taken over by identity theft criminals.

  • Nearly 4% of the American population falls victim to ID theft every year.

  • The most common way identity theft happens is through lost or stolen wallets, checkbooks, and credit cards.

  • It is believed that 100,000 cases go unreported each year.

  • Metropolitan areas with the highest rates of consumer fraud were Washington DC, Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida and Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, Washington.

  • The average dollar amount fraudulently charged or stolen in each identity theft case is approximately $92,893.

  • On average, an identity theft victim recovers less then half of the monetary losses incurred.


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