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Paper Shredding and Electronic Media Destruction
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We shred computer hard drives

What’s on that old hard drive, anyway? When we’re through with it, no one will ever know! After shredding, the hard drive shards are recycled at a separation and smelting facility, allowing the precious metals and other valuable materials to be reclaimed and keeping toxins out of landfills and water supplies. ShredStation Express can destroy and recycle other data containing devices, we shred any memory-enabled device that has sensitive, personal, medical or business information on on it, at our location in Alexandria. 

Our customers have a variety of paper and electronic destruction needs and most of them don’t want to slave over a home shredder and can’t wait for a community shred day. With our convenient home and business pick-up service, ShredStation Express, is available to save you time and meet a variety of paper shredding and electronics destruction needs.

Whether you have boxes of old tax records or obsolete checkbook registers at your home, that you want to have securly shredded once a year, or you need ongoing paper shredding service for your business, or perhaps you have old computers that you know should be destroyed and recycle but you aren’t sure how to do it... ShredStation can help.

Protect the environment, and yourself!  Dispose of your surplus computers and small appliances the ecologically responsible way.

We recycle computers

We accept computer towers, lap tops or servers.

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) prohibits the disposal of equipment that contain certain hazardous metals.  As many as eight of these metals are found in all TVs, PCs and monitors.  The EPA has left it up to the end user to be responsible for the environmentally safe disposal of this equipment.  Here is an exert from an article by Donald Bleiwas and Thomas Kelly of the US Geological Survey:

"The metals contained in PC's commonly include aluminum, antimony, arsenic , barium , beryllium, cadmium , chromium , cobalt, copper, gallium, gold, iron, lead , manganese, mercury , palladium, platinum, selenium , silver , and zinc. Eight of these metals (shown in bolded type) are listed as hazardous by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), one of the Federal laws that control the disposition of waste in the United States. This law prohibits companies from incinerating some types of electronic scrap or disposing of it into municipal landfills."

By having ShredStation Express recycle them, you will be exempt from the great responsibility given you by the EPA.  We offer disposal services for any electronic equipment, for which we charge a reasonable fee.

If you have any questions or wish to order by telephone, please call 703-347-4638

We are based out of Alexandria, VA 22312


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